Our property management policy manuals system is a dynamic solution to your problem.  When you partner with PMManuals.com, you own your solution in a format that is simple and quick to modify to suit the on-going needs of your organization.  We deliver to you, simple Microsoft Word documents that you can bend, modify, and manipulate as you wish.  The technology that we have embedded in these manuals allows you to customize them while retaining the ability to have the linking table of contents and search features remain intact.    While we maintain the ownership copyright to the material you receive, perpetual usage rights allow your organization the ability to use them the way that best suits your company’s mission, culture, an environment.

In the past when manuals were printed and bound it was difficult to change a policy.  Many property management veterans have the experience of receiving “new pages” that come with instructions that say “remove pages 49-63 and replace them with the attached pages to update your manual”.  We encourage our clients to not print these manuals and to allow them to reside in an electronic format so that your employees can simply access what they need, when they need it.

The other unique thing about owning a PMManuals.com system is gaining a “partner” in policy.  We don’t deliver them to you and then abandon you. We have close relationships with all of our property management clients, and have become another member of their team.  When we are informed of new developments with regard to statute changes, judicial interpretations, or simply new operating methods, we reach out to our clients—helping them stay abreast of the changes and evolutions.  When we learn of a new best practice, all of our clients get the advantage of that improvement.  We become a “clearinghouse” to share non-proprietary information that benefits everyone.  This is a bit of the magic that comes along with your purchase.  As property management industry leaders we pay attention to learning experiences from others. We benefit your organization by sharing this knowledge before you find yourself in a controversial situation.