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If I purchase the Property Management System, do I own the material?

When you purchase a PMManuals.com system you have the “perpetual usage rights” to the material. You are free to customize, modify, delete, and enhance anything that you desire.  You receive “intelligent” Word documents (.docx) that you are free to utilize within your organization. The one requirement you have, is to protect the modifiable context, the “ownership rights” remain with PMManuals.com.

Do I need any special programs or skills to customize these documents?

No, all of the documents and forms come to you in a format that can be opened and manipulated in the typical Microsoft Office suite (.docx and .xlsx formats).  We will spend time with you to teach you some of the advanced features of these “intelligent” documents and help you keep the integrity of the built in artifacts that allow the system to be interactive.  We do encourage our clients to invest in a program such as Adobe Acrobat ®, to help them in converting the documents to their final useable format.

How much are these policy manuals?

We understand your desire to know the investment amount for our property management policy system.  Because PMManuals.com is a custom solution, and we need to understand your needs, we will be happy to provide detailed pricing after a brief conversation-whereby we can better understand your needs.  To get a general idea of cost— for the entire system and the affiliated consulting and customization help, a company with a portfolio of 4,000 units would invest as little as a one-time cost of less than $3.50 per unit.  Feel free to contact us through the website, by e-mail or by phone to explore your options.

Where did these policies come from?

PMManuals.com polices have been custom written and vetted in real-life property management settings.  The creators of this system, Rich George, The NOI Coach, and Rebecca Rosario, The Leasing Queen, have spent their entire careers developing and refining these policies.  Through their extensive network within the property management industry they further sourced industry peers to refine and perfect these policies to protect client interests while creating monumental success.

Do I have to buy the whole system, or can I buy specific manuals or policies?
We offer economical pricing; all of our manuals are tightly integrated and work hand in hand with our forms package.  Al a carte pricing is available.  We furnish incentives to acquire the whole system.
Can you help us to integrate our existing policies into your complete system.
Absolutely!  As complete as our system is, we always encourage our clients to integrate their systems that are already in place and working.  There is no need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to policies.  Our property management clients report our policies compliment the way that they are already doing business.
What is the amount of time before we can implement and start using the policies?
This system can be as simple as a turn-key off the shelf solution.  Our team of dedicated professionals can typically deliver the tailored manuals within a week of a signed contract and deposit.  Obviously this will depend on the amount of customization work involved.  We are dedicated to having your system up and running in a minimal amount of time.